“Matt Heard is a fresh new voice with a literally life-changing message."

About Matt Heard

Matt Heard has a passion to move beyond religious and spiritual games and engage with the core of Christ's Gospel message in an authentic, substantive, and practical way.

Matt – a speaker, teacher, writer, pastor, and consultant  is the Founder of THRIVE, a speaking, teaching, and consulting ministry that focuses on engaging men and women to be fully alive in every arena of their life and journey. His ministry with THRIVE includes roles such as being a Teaching Pastor for Northland Church in Orlando, Florida;  Interim Teaching Pastor at Lifebridge Church in Windermere, Florida;  a consultant to various leaders and ministries; and, yes, a writer. He was also the President of The Gathering USA and, before that, the Senior Pastor of Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs for twelve years. 

Matt and his wife, Arlene, share their home base between Colorado Springs and Orlando and are the privileged parents of three adult sons and one brand-new, amazing daughter-in-law.

Whether standing in front of people with a microphone or in a trout stream with a fly rod, whether sitting around a dinner table with friends or serving a need in his city, he loves exploring and experiencing Life with a capital L. 

To find our more about why Matt wrote this book, or to contact him (whether it's to share your thoughts about Life with a Capital L, to inquire about him speaking, or even just to let him know you appreciate that he predicted 2016 would be the year that the Cubs would win the World Series... even though that was the 25th year in a row he'd done so...), visit MattHeard.org.