For people interested in journeying more deeply through Life with a Capital L: Embracing Your God-Given Humanity, the most effective way is to do so as a small group community.  For further study and discussion, a Participants Guide and an optional companion DVD are now available. 

In this companion study and discussion guideMatt takes us to the heart of the gospel, revealing how God wants us to experience and engage with Life in all it's fullness - both the highs and the lows - to God's glory as well as our own fulfillment.

The interactive PARTICIPANTS GUIDE can be used in four, six, or twelve week formats and can also be used with the Life with a Capital L DVD. It includes questions for group discussion and individual reflection, along with instructions for group leaders.

The DVD features Matt in various settings referred to in the book. It includes a short introduction followed by twelve 7-9 minute videos to introduce and correspond with each of the twelve sections in the Participants Guide.

In the Participants Guide, the book's Life-giving message is summarized and explored in the form of 12 practical "Resolutions for Life":

1. Realize Life While You Live It

2. Recognize What You're Longing For

3. Live Free

4. Fight For Your Heart

5. Savor the Beauty

6. Turn Off the Dark

7.  Live the Great Story

8. Bow Down Daily

9. Be a Conduit of God's Love

10. Seize the Life from Your Days

11. Steward Your Pain

12. Remember Your Destiny

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