Feedback from Readers

wanted to chew on every word

I’ve only written two thank you letters to authors in my life: to Eric Metaxas after I finished “Bonhoeffer” and to Franklin W. Dixon, author of the "Hardy Boys" series, when I was in fourth grade. This is my third.

When I started “Life with a Capital L,” … I started reading in ten to twenty page bites. Before I reached the middle, I had slowed to two to three pages a night, not because I was bored, but because I wanted to chew every single word to wring the thought from the page. It was very moving to read how you went from a phone-it-in Christian to a living one.  – Ron

explains parts of my journey

A good friend of mine… gave me a copy of your book, "Life with a Capital L."  I have been touched, moved, and in awe of how you have been able explain parts of my journey that I have been unable to understand, much less express.  – Steve


Oh my goodness!! I am reading your book while sitting on the back porch of our dear friends' cabin in Arizona. I am laughing so hard and crying at the same time. Every chapter is SO rich! We believe this study of “Life with a Capital L” to be life-altering! – Bill & Laurie

great to read 'in the storm'

When I first picked it up the thought that went through my head was, "this is great for people who aren't in the midst of a storm like mine right now, great for me when the storm is over." It didn't take long to figure out that's actually why you wrote the book. – Catherine

better with each chapter

I just finished your book. Powerful. With each chapter I thought, "This was the best one," then I would discover the next one was better. Thanks for sharing your gift. – Rick

Blazes a path for our journey

Matt, I feel like you are a pioneer on a secret trail I discovered long ago and you have come back to blaze a wider path for others.  I thought at first I would whip through this book, devouring it like I do with so many other books, but to my surprise I found that I wanted to savor the pages… I can't adequately say how much I appreciate this book. – Lark

why so few church people are really alive

When my wife and I became believers ten years ago, we were really puzzled over how only a few of the people we met at church were really alive in the way Jesus was offering. Only a few were actively paddling or rowing; too many were sitting in inner tubes letting the flow carry them. I struggled for years (and still do, but less) with the admonition to ‘work out my salvation with fear and trembling.’ I wasn’t sure what it meant, and I received different answers from everyone I asked, but I knew for sure that it wasn’t riding in an inner tube. You explain that metamorphosis better than anyone I’ve read or heard describe it, from Augustine to Tolstoy to Chambers. Even Francis Schaeffer. – Ron

liberating and uplifting

All I can say is, WOW! The first 4 chapters hit me between the eyes… but I believe the final 3 chapters were the best ever…. Or at least they were so very important to me at this time in my life. I found your writing, stories and scriptures to be liberating and uplifting. Thanks so much for writing this.  – Dana

who i want to be

Thank you for writing your book.  With my men's Bible study group it has opened my eyes and my heart to really look at my life - what I have been and who I want to be. – Jerry

gender-friendly and over-whelming

I cannot say enough how much our small group of gals are nearly overwhelmed with joy on our “Life with Capital L” journey.  My husband has been sitting with me as I preview the DVD intros in my prep time and enjoying it with me.  I think we will have a night with our husbands to share some of this with them.  We love Matt Heard's style and find it very gender friendly. My gals asked me to thank you very much for the recommendation.   –Margie

life in the midst of our muck and mess

"Life with a Capital L" was such a great reminder of the Big Lives we are called to lead in Christ.  The bigness does not come from what we "do" per se, but who we become and the amazing, abundant life we can lead as Christ lives through us, in spite of our muck and mess.  Anyhow, great book, thank you. – Mark

awakened my sense of mystery

I ordered "Life With A Capital L" and my view of God has been greatly impacted as a result. You've greatly re-awakened the sense of mystery life holds; something I never expected at this point in my life… I wanted to thank you for putting your insights and life lessons down in a great book. It's one of my favorites now!  – Julie

a gift for friends in broken situations

Your writing and the true message of Life that Christ came to give us is so refreshing… No surprise, your book has been released into a very relevant time – I have never seen so much brokenness in the lives of so many I love. But we can still experience Life. I have made a long list of people I'm close to who would drink deeply and be refreshed by this truth of Christ's message. In fact, I just shot two Amazon packages off with your book enclosed.  – Stephanie

such an enjoyable read

I thoroughly enjoyed the read itself. Having spent a fair amount of time this year in an in-depth study of Henri Nouwen’s reflections on Rembrandt’s “Return of the Prodigal Son,” it was interesting to read another book inspired in such a similar, intimate way.  – Darrell

continue to refer back to it

It is on the table by my recliner and I have read it, but continue to refer to it often. It is wonderful to see in words what it means to live an abundant life. – Mary

Heart challenged and changed

This book is full of heart-challenging concepts that will not leave one area of life unturned. One of the most transformational books I have ever read. – Cristina


I finished "Life with a Capital L" this morning.  I have been reading 4-5 pages a day in my devotional time. It is marvelous – best book I read in the past year.  – Jim